A-MAZ Water Stain Remover - 14oz

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Finally, a way to clean difficult stains without using acids or harsh chemicals. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is safe to use in non-ventilated areas and no mask or gloves are required. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover contains no bleaches, chlorides or gritty pumice that can cause damage to delicate surfaces, and is also safe for Septic tanks. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is a deep cleaner that penetrates the surface material, removing all excess unwanted stain, restoring the glass, metal, or porcelain back to the original quality. Because A-MAZ is manufactured as a paste, as opposed to a liquid or a cream, it is able to deep clean with great results, to make surfaces look brand new again. You'll watch oxidation, black streak, bluing, calcium, tarnish, salt spray and water stains simply fade away. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is safe to use on: House windows Windshields Shower doors Fiberglass Porcelain Tile / Grout Oxidized plating Brass Copperware Bath enclosures Sinks Toilets Fixtures Stovetops Oven Grills Pool tile *****IMPORTANT NOTES***** *Do not use on surfaces that can be harmed by the use of a mild abrasive. *The Water Stain Remover WILL NOT repair glass or reverse "etching" which is permanent damage to the glass caused by erosion from prolonged hard water mineral build up.