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CRL Wood's Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer - E03VLW

CRL Wood's Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer - E03VLW

  • $ 714.40

CRL Wood's Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer is powered independently by a long-lasting 9-volt battery. The CRL Wood's Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer is available for all of Wood's below-the-hook vacuum lifters, either at the time of lifter purchase or installed later in the field. This optional device automatically monitors the lifter's vacuum and sounds an alarm if the lifter does not reach or maintain a level that is sufficient for lifting. Unlike buzzers that sound whenever the lifter is not attached to a load, the Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer uses advanced logic circuitry to warn the operator only when insufficient vacuum poses a hazard. Features: Universal compatibility - allows installation on all powered vacuum lifters (including retrofit) Built-in vacuum monitoring system - senses when potentially hazardous conditions exist with vacuum system. Audio alarm with adjustable volume - alerts operator of vacuum hazards, even if vacuum gauges or indicator lights are not being monitored Automatic shutoff - turns alarm off whenever lifter is not attached to load DC power source - functions independently from lifter's power system Battery test button - allows operator to verify battery strength before using lifter Battery indicator light - continually signals battery condition while lifter is attached to load Durable ABS enclosure - resists damage from environmental exposure Accessible battery holder - allows battery replacement without opening enclosure Dedicated air-line filter - prevents airborne contaminants from entering warning buzzer through vacuum line Specifications: Alarm volume (variable): maximum of 103 dBa at 2 feet (610 millimeters) Enclosure dimensions: 4-3/4 inches (120 millimeters) width x 4-3/4 inches (120 millimeters) height x 3-3/4 inches (95 millimeters) depth Power source: 9-volt lithium battery Weight: 1.1 lbs [0.5 kg] Supplied with mounting bracket (specify lifter type when ordering)