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CRL Wood's Closed Cell Foam Pad Rings

CRL Wood's Closed Cell Foam Pad Rings

  • $ 23.51

These CRL Wood's Closed Cell Foam Pad Rings are available for any of Wood's Below-The-Hook HV11 Vacuum Pad Lifters. This option is indispensable for lifting stone slabs or other materials with moderate surface texture; the rougher the surface, the more difficulty vacuum pads have sealing against it, which allows air to leak under the pads eliminating any seal. Smooth surfaces, such as polished stone, generally seal well with standard vacuum pads. However, saw-cut and honed surfaces have some texture that can make sealing more difficult. For rougher surfaces, such as flame-cut stone, foam rings are essential to attain a good seal. The flexible foam rubber in these rings helps vacuum pads conform to rough surfaces and reduces the vacuum flow needed to overcome leakage. The FRHV11 Closed Cell Foam Pad Ring can only be ordered as an option on New Wood's Vacuum Lifting Frames, this item is not sold separately. Available at time of purchase or may be installed later in the field. If you require a 10" flat lip side feed replacement pad with foam ring's, you should order catalog number FRHV11R.