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CRL White 24" Category II Shatterproof Safety Tape for Mirrors - 2MT24

CRL White 24" Category II Shatterproof Safety Tape for Mirrors - 2MT24

  • $ 450.00

This pressure-sensitive, adhesive coated film tape is primarily recommended for mirrored wardrobe doors that require a CRL Category II Mirror Safety Backing. A woven scrim imbedded into the film for high tensile and impact strength also prevents moisture entrapment and scrim de-lamination. The high performance adhesive allows for easy roll unwind, yet promotes high bond to a wide variety of mirror backings. No failure when tested for impact resistance to 16 CFR1201. Physical Properties: Film: Polyethylene Tensile Strength (P.S.I.): 6 Elongation(%): 550 Thickness: 4.5 mil (.0045" - .006") Adhesive: Acrylic water based Peel Adhesion: *18 oz. *"PSTC-1" initial tack on stainless steel. Application Instructions: For best results, tape should be applied with pressure roller application. Surface should be clean and free of oil and moisture. Apply at temperatures between 60° and 100°F (16° and 38°C). Mastic Application: CRL 600 Heavy Bodied Mirror Mastic, Regular Palmer Mirro-Mastic, Gunther Premier and Gunther Premier Plus may be used with CRL Brand Category II Safety Tape only, not Category I Safety Tape, that has been washed (two-cloth method) with a 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution. Palmer Qwikset Mirro-Mastic,Gunther Premier,Gunther Extra/Build, or Gunther Ultra/Bond are NOT to be used with plastic safety film. Category I Safety Tape must have holes cut-out of it where the pats of mastic will be applied. Mastic will not adhere to Category I Safety Tape.