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CRL Vacuum Cup Base and Drill Stand Only - G0650

CRL Vacuum Cup Base and Drill Stand Only - G0650

  • $ 564.29

The Vacuum Base Portable Drilling Machine uses a reliable CRL 8" (203 mm) Vacuum Lifter Pad as a base that will hold it securely to the glass to be drilled. Mounted to the base is a Drill Stand that holds virtually any electric or cordless drill you have. Mount the drill to the Drill Stand, and then insert into the chuck your Glass Drill Bit of choice up to 6" (152 mm) in diameter. You can also use it with a choice of Water Chucks that accept either Habit Style or Belgian Thread Diamond Glass Drills. The flexibility afforded by this unit is unmatched by other drill machines with built-in motors that must be disassembled if service is ever needed. Should your electric or cordless drill ever break down, just replace it with another. No need for costly downtime while your drill machine is being repaired. And CRL has a host of drilling accessories to fit this unit, from Electric Drills and Water Chucks to Diamond Coolant. All of these can be found in this catalog, along with a full selection of Glass Drills in diameters from 1/16" to 6" (1.6 to 152 mm).