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CRL Solar/UV Sales Demo Kit - SK1740

CRL Solar/UV Sales Demo Kit - SK1740

  • $ 1,299.99

The New CRL Solar/UV Sales Demo Kit can bring your Insulating Glass presentation to life, and help you convince prospective customers to select your energy efficient Insulating Glass units. This kit features the NEW 4-in-1 Powerful Window Energy Profiler, which simultaneously reads the Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC), UV Transmission Percentage, Visible Light Transmission, and Infrared Transmission Values. This is the perfect sales tool to evaluate your customer's existing windows then comparing them to your sales samples and confirming their need for new replacement Insulating Glass units. The Kit comes with a Window Energy Profiler, an Infrared Heat Lamp, and Temperature Gun. The soft-sided Carrying Case has padded locations to hold your own insulating glass samples, and a set of factory glass samples for comparison.