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CRL Silver Rectangles Style Glass Safety Decal - 2149

CRL Silver Rectangles Style Glass Safety Decal - 2149

  • $ 26.51

With today's architecture incorporating more glass than ever, it's important to reduce the risk of people being injured by accidental collision with glass panels and doors. CRL Glass Safety Decals installed near eye level give a "floating" appearance that serves to warn pedestrians of the presence of a large glass panels and sliding doors. All Glass Safety Decals are a white color, and use a special dual sided adhesive transfer material which when peeled off leaves only the decal, with no unsightly residue to spoil the 'all-glass' appearance. Minimum order for Cat. No. 2149 Silver Rectangles is one roll. Minimum order for all others is five each. Our Cat. No. 105 Plastic Scraper will give you firm, even pressure as you apply Safety Decals to clean glass.