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CRL Silicone Clean Up Kit with SR200 - CK1T3

CRL Silicone Clean Up Kit with SR200 - CK1T3

  • $ 77.01

CRL Silicone Clean Up Kit is a long-needed answer to uncured silicone clean up. This spray works simply and easily. Spray it on and it instantly dissolves silicone film! Just wipe the surface clean with a towel, or for tough jobs use the Open Cell Pads provided in the kit. SR200 is also a degreaser that removes uncured silicone residue, grease and most oils without leaving any residue when prepping for painting, sealing, and bonding applications. It is safe on plastic, paint, glass, and is non-corrosive to metals. Contains no VOC, and does not deplete the ozone layer. SR200 Silicone Remover is odorless, low in toxicity and evaporates completely at room temperature. Dries as fast as isopropyl alcohol. Also softens and removes many cured silicones. Spray or wipe it on, let soak, then scrape before the material dries; reapply and wipe with a clean cloth. Typical applications include cleaning plastics, fiberglass; pre-cleaning surfaces prior to painting, sealing and bonding; removing silicone-based car wax and protectants; and pressure-sensitive adhesives (labels). TECHNICAL DATA: This product is a certified air solvent by the California South Coast AQMD. VOC Exempt. SHELF LIFE: 24 months COMPLETE CLEAN UP KIT INCLUDES: One 16 fluid ounce bottle of Cat. No. SR200 Silicone Remover A pack of 50 Cat. No. 1550 Lint Free Shop Wipes 20 Cat. No. NP48 Open Cell Pads