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CRL Sikaflex® 220+ Fast Curing Urethane Adhesive - S1KA220

CRL Sikaflex® 220+ Fast Curing Urethane Adhesive - S1KA220

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CRL Sikaflex® 220+ is a fast curing polyurethane based adhesive for bonding windshields. The chemical reaction starts as soon as the adhesive is extruded or the cartridge is opened. Cures to form a high-grade elastomer. S1KA220+ possesses outstanding working characteristics, excellent stability and thixotropy. Its fast rate of cure results in rapid strength development and shorter service times. In order to ensure that manufacturer's standards are met S1KA205 Glass Cleaner and S1KA206GP Pinchweld Primer must be used as needed. S1KA215 Primer must be used in PVC and EPDM applications. Apply Sika Aktivator PRO 60D960 very sparingly to the ceramic coating around the edge of the glass, If the glass is supplied without a ceramic coating, apply Sika-Primer Primer S1KA206GP. For bonding to EPDM/PVC moldings use Sika-Primer S1KA21530. CRL Sikaflex® 220+ is sold by the cartridge and has 24 cartridges per case.