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CRL Self-Oiling PSC Cutting Head - G0059

CRL Self-Oiling PSC Cutting Head - G0059

  • $ 66.50

The CRL Self-Oiling PSC Cutter Head is a replacement oil holder and cutting head for models with 4-sided or 6-sided b. It allows you to convert a standard Production Speed Cutter from T101 Turret cutter head to a self contained, controlled flow oil cutter. The durable glassreinforced nylon body is designed towithstand years of wear and tear. Interchangeable heads allow for either 134 degree wheel angle for glass up 3/8" (9.5 mm) thick or 155 degree for glass from 3/8" to 1" (9.5 to 25.4 mm) thick. Thumbturn clamp locks assembly onto scale bar and tape viewing window allows fast, accurate dimensional setting. Oil flow controlled by tightening or loosening the filler cap. NOTE: There may be slight difference in measuring tape location of cutting wheel between turret model head and self-oiling head.