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CRL POWR Automotive Glass Cleaner - PWR22

CRL POWR Automotive Glass Cleaner - PWR22

  • $ 44.37

CRL PWR22 Automotive Glass Cleaner has been tested by CRL labs to offer the same cleaning qualities as most automotive urethane glass conditioners. This allows you to use a glass cleaner as a prep for primer applications instead of the costly glass conditioners. Large 19 fluid ounce (539 grams) cans will provide you with some serious cost savings. If you install auto glass, this is the glass cleaner you want to use. For the best possible installation, we recommend you always follow the POWR Urethane preparation sequence: Use PWR4GC Glass Conditioner or PWR22 Automotive Glass Cleaner on the bonding area of the glass to remove any contamination. Clean and prime any bare metal scratches and the frit with PWR4P Glass and Pinchweld Primer. For bonding to EPDM/PVC molding use PWR12P. Do not apply to old urethane. By using these products, the strongest possible bond will be attained. Complete detailed instructions are printed on every cartridge. Also available with your Logo or Private Label.