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CRL Polished Gold Almn Lower Track - 3255096

CRL Polished Gold Almn Lower Track - 3255096

  • $ 30.24

The CRL Aluminum Lower Track may be used as a double channel and track. The side walls prevent rollers from slipping off track. Eliminates awkward inserts and speeds installation. CRL Aluminum Extrusions and Accessories allow you to customize track assemblies to your individual needs. Made from the highest quality, No. 6063 alloy T-5 aluminum, our extrusions are uniformly anodized. Anodizing is the process of electronically adding a thicker coat of oxidizing to aluminum, which protects the metal from scratches, blemishes and atmosphere. The standard finish is commercial satin anodized, but it is also available in commercial 145 gold and duranodic 312 bronze finishes.