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CRL Handi-Foam® Metal Dispensing Gun - F61010

CRL Handi-Foam® Metal Dispensing Gun - F61010

  • $ 135.89

Our P10163 and P10290 Handi-Foam® can be applied using either the CRL Metal or Plastic Dispensing Guns. The trigger applicator has a control valve for precise flow, and a comfortable pistol grip for easy handling. The Handi-Foam® canister fits directly into a receptacle on the top of the gun. Just screw on the can, hold can and gun in both hands, shake vigorously for one minute and you're ready to go. NOTE: Cat. No. F61010 Metal Gun can be cleaned with Cat. No. F0M014 Fomo Clean Solvent. Cat. No. F61000 Plastic Gun cannot be cleaned.