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CRL Gunther Extra/Build Mirror Mastic - Cartridge - GN200A

CRL Gunther Extra/Build Mirror Mastic - Cartridge - GN200A

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CRL Gunther Extra/Build Mirror Mastic is a high quality adhesive formulated to provide a strong, permanent bond between electro-copper-plated glass mirror and various substrates. It has been field and laboratory tested for compatibility with silver, copper and mirror paint backing. Black in color. CRL Gunther Extra/Build Mirror Mastic's viscosity provides for a build out of 2-1/2 inches (63.5 millimeters) without sag for custom mirrored walls or vanities where construction is such that there are gaps of over 3/4 inch (19 millimeters) between the mirror and the substrate. CRL Gunther Extra/Build at 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) achieves approximately 20 percent strength in 48 hours, full cure up to 300 psi in 30 days. Easy working consistency year round. Will adhere to a wide variety of substrates including drywall, wood, metal, glass, marble and tile. All porous substrates should always be sealed with an acrylic sealer like Gunther Prime-N-Seal Primer . CRL Gunther Extra/Build should be applied in four to five inch (102 to 127 millimeter) diameter patties with a height that will allow it to spread out to five to six inches (127 to 152 millimeters) when compressed. Note: Not for use on acrylic mirror, vinyl backed safety film, plastics or styrofoam. Do not apply to wall paper or paint. Not designed to be exposed to continuous U.V. light. Mechanical support systems are recommended for all mirror applications. This includes the use of mechanical fasteners at the top of the mirror.