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CRL Gray 9/16" TruSeal® Duralite® Standard 66' Roll - DS66916

CRL Gray 9/16" TruSeal® Duralite® Standard 66' Roll - DS66916

  • $ 117.80

CRL's TruSeal® Duralite® patented technology incorporates unique materials and a breakthrough in continuous composite manufacturing processes. This advanced technology offers a higher performance spacer system at a competitive price. Duralite® takes optimum advantage of laminates and adhesives to reduce thermal conductivity, while improving surface and corner appearance over other insulating glass spacers. A single spacer system for both standard and special units has become an important factor in today's competitive market place where a high percentage of manufactured units are non-rectangular. Duralite® allows the window fabricator to produce Insulating Glass units with one spacer system. The fabricator can increase productivity and flexibility, while eliminating customer concerns over having dissimilar spacers in special versus standard windows. Other colors and sizes of Duralite® are available on special order. Swiggle/Edgetherm DS and FS is available for our customers in Australia.