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CRL Gold Anodized 4' Deluxe Packaged Showcase Assembly - D6304GA

CRL Gold Anodized 4' Deluxe Packaged Showcase Assembly - D6304GA

  • $ 883.52

This CRL Deluxe Packaged Showcase Frame comes with everything you need except the glass. It is packaged with the top and bottom already assembled and connected together with short, temporary uprights for shipping purposes. The regular uprights, legs, standards, brackets, track and other accessories are secured inside the case to minimize the chance of damage during shipment. The assembly of the showcase is very simple. Secure the legs to the base, wrap the glass with vinyl and insert it between the uprights. The showcase is then secured with eight screws. Attach the "H" bar to the sliding door glass panels and install them on the track. Secure the standards and brackets, install the shelves and top glass, and your showcase is complete. The Deluxe Showcase Frame Kit Contains:
  • Extruded aluminum cut-to-size frame fitted together with all corners, parts and screws
  • Sliding door track hardware with ball bearing rollers and plastic lined upper track
  • Glazing vinyl for front and side glass panels
  • Cushioning tape for top glass
  • Rubber cushioned jambs
  • Four each, six inch (152.4 millimeter) level adjusting legs
  • 3/4 inch (19 millimeter) flakewood floor panel with white vinyl laminated top
  • Standards and brackets with top and bottom sockets Recommended Glass Sizes: (quantity, location and size)
  • One Front Piece 1/4 x 46-9/16 x 30 inches (6 x 1182.7 x 762 millimeters)
  • One Top Piece 1/4 x 46-3/4 x 19-3/4 inches (6 x 1187.5 x 501.7 millimeters)
  • Two Side Pieces 1/4 x 19-5/16 x 30 inches (6 x 490.5 x 762 millimeters)
  • Two Door Pieces 1/4 x 23-11/16 x 28-13/16 inches (6 x 601.7 x 731.8 millimeters)
  • Size and Tolerance = +0, -1/16 inch (1.6 millimeter), with all edges seamed