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CRL Fein Knife T-Handle - FK6H

CRL Fein Knife T-Handle - FK6H

  • $ 56.60

This CRL Fein Knife Pull Handle will provide better comfort and control when cutting with your CRL Fein Knife. The new CRL Fein Knife has 28% more power to really cut through urethane. Plus, it's slimmer for better clearance, and has an improved speed control that adjusts to say constant under light or heavy loads, from 7,000 to 23,000 oscillations per minute. All mechanical wear parts operate in an oil bath, and the tool is vented to run cooler for longer life. All this makes the CRL Fein Knife the time and labor-saving way to remove auto glass on today's vehicles. A variety of CRL Fein Blades are available to choose from. All have twelve sided mounts so you can adjust blade angle as required for each specific vehicle.