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CRL Circle and Oval Cutting Machine - 540

CRL Circle and Oval Cutting Machine - 540

  • $ 400.93

The CRL Circle and Oval Cutting Machine meets almost all of your circle and oval glass cutting needs. A product of superb in genuity and craftsmanship, it is quick and easy to use because a vacuum cup holds it in place. Its cutting range is 4" to 16-3/4" (102 to 426 mm), with a maximum difference of 3-1/8" (79 mm) between the long and short dimensions. Replacement Cutter Heads are available for older machines (Cat. Nos. JB427 and TP24492), as well as the current model (Cat. No. 54010). The unit is used by pressing it down on your glass. Trace the shape without cutting, then begin cutting with the least curved side first. This minimizes mistakes by giving you a straight run before the curve. The rubber vacuum cup holds it securely to your cutting surface. By setting the scales at the correct measurements, the cutter will follow the same track every time. To release the cutter, just lift the lip of the vacuum cup. This machine's precision action will give you perfect circles and ovals time and time again.