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CRL Cerium Oxide, 1 Pound

CRL Cerium Oxide, 1 Pound

  • $ 29.95

More Economical than Competitive Brands Our Best Cerium! Used for High Grade Polishing Used With the CRL9257 Scratch Polisher The CRL Cerium Oxide is a high grade optical polishing compound used to remove and polish scratches from mirror bevels, table top edges, television face plates, and glass in vehicles or structures. CRL Cerium Oxide is mixed with water to form a paste or slurry. This compound has excellent suspension qualities and will not harden. Contains no zinc oxide and meets most local disposal ordinances. Economical to use, it requires 2°-5° baume concentration instead of the usual 5°-10° baume required by competitive brands. Compatible with most polishing pads and can be used in both low and high speed equipment with recirculating systems.