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CRL Black 1/8" x 3/8" Double Sided Foam Glazing Tape - 98418X38BL

CRL Black 1/8" x 3/8" Double Sided Foam Glazing Tape - 98418X38BL

  • $ 18.61

CRL Foam Glazing Tape is a closed-cell polyethylene foam sealant in tape form. The aggressive acrylic adhesive is formulated to position the foam on curved or irregular surfaces with the slightest pressure. Adheres to wood, vinyl, aluminum, and glass. It can be used as an exterior glazing sealant - particularly where glass repositioning is important before the final setting. CRL Foam Glazing Tape is specifically designed to be a primary or secondary seal in a variety of glazing systems. It is self-shimming, so you don't need shims or spacers. The tape is constructed with a patented cellular structured foam that is particularly resistant to weathering and water-absorption, while providing a superior long-lived seal. CRL FOAM GLAZING TAPE WITH ADHESIVE ON TWO SIDES HAS THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: • Simplicity: Requires no clean-up, easy to handle, no waste, requires no mixing or special application equipment. • Preformed tape provides consistent and accurate application. No shim is required. • Remains flexible at low temperatures and dimensionally stable at high temperatures. • Special non-yellowing, non-staining water-white adhesives provide a clean, aesthetic appearance. • Superior resistance to weathering, oxidation, and ultraviolet exposure. • Seals effectively against water, dust, and light. • Variety of available sizes A minimum of 30% compression must be maintained to provide an effective moisture seal. In small lites, this may be achieved by applying pressure directly to the glazing tape when installing glazing stops. However, in most lites, the use of a compression wedge gasket is recommended. Apply with firm, uniform pressure to a clean, dry surface without stretching (the paper liner indicates if the tape has been stretched). Tape corners should be cut and butted together, rather than overlapped or radiused, and a thin bead of an approved seal sealant should be applied at the intersection after the liner has been removed. In-service temperature range is –40° to 180° (-40° to 82°C). CRL Foam Glazing Tape is compatible with other sealing and glazing compounds. ENERGY STAR®– CRL is an ENERGY STAR® partner, and our fenestration foam glazing tapes carry the ENERGY STAR® seal. ENERGY STAR® is a government backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.