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CRL Bio-Clean Water Stain Remover - WSR1

CRL Bio-Clean Water Stain Remover - WSR1

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CRL Bio-Clean is a professional strength cleaner recommended by both glazing contractors and professional window cleaning companies. It is successfully used in hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, hotels, supermarkets and other public facilities with difficult to clean surfaces. Apply CRL Bio-Clean directly onto surface or on a cloth, sponge, brush or electric buffer. Press firmly to loosen stain with a rubbing action, then just rinse with water until residue free. Dry with cloth or paper towel. Can be reapplied as needed until surface is sparkling clean. On severely stained shower doors use a non-scratch teflon pad. On tile and porcelain use a green Scotch Brite pad. Stage One Corrosion is defined as glass with light corrosion, with little or no damage to the glass. Stage Two Corrosion occurs when the deposits are no longer on the surface of the glass, but have started to break down the molecular structure of the glass, leaving an etched or white haze on the glass after the stain has been removed. CRL Bio-Clean Water Stain Remover will not repair glass with Stage Two Corrosion.