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CRL Aluminum Finned Door Sweep - FS77A

CRL Aluminum Finned Door Sweep - FS77A

  • $ 21.84

This patented, CRL Finned Door Sweep/Weatherstripping stops air, water, dust and insects from entering. It combines advanced energy saving finned technology with a strip of anodized aluminum to create the most energy cost reducing product of its kind. The 5/16" (7.9 mm) high silicone action allows for minimum dray during opening or closing. Finned Door Sweeps positively stop water and air leakage without marking the lightest carpets of floors. Installs on exterior or interior bottom of the door with screws in pre-punched slots to allow for clearance adjustment. Also can be installed around doors on top and side jamb stops, where air infiltration is a particular problem.