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CRL .155 IG Plug w/ Collar - 100 Pack - 3455306

CRL .155 IG Plug w/ Collar - 100 Pack - 3455306

  • $ 29.08

Three styles of CRL Argon I.G. Plugs are available with your choice of temporary or permanent plugs. The 3455304 is a temporary 5/32" marker and allows easy hole location for gas filling after the unit has been sealed. The 3455306 is a collared version of the 3455304 and fits larger diameter hole sizes up to .170. 3455305 is a permanent Argon Gas Fill Plug and facilitates the testing of the unit for Argon Gas. A test syringe can be inserted into the plug, and when the syringe is removed, the plug is self sealing.