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CRL 110 Volt Tripod Glass Drilling Machine - CRL2

CRL 110 Volt Tripod Glass Drilling Machine - CRL2

  • $ 1,899.99

Years of experience in the sales and service of glass machinery, combined with extensive market research, has enabled C.R. Laurence to develop a superior piece of equipment to fill the glass drilling needs of the glass business. The CRL Tripod Glass Drilling Machine is the most widely used machine in the industry. It is completely portable so it can be used at the shop or on the job site. It plugs into any 110V AC circuit. The drill can easily be positioned directly over any area to be drilled. The non-skid rubber leg caps hold the machine firmly to the drilling surface. It has a heavy-duty motor with a 3/8" (9.5 mm) ball bearing supported chuck to eliminate wobble. Quick adjustment pre-sets the desired drilling depth slightly less than the thickness of the glass, stopping within a fraction of an inch of the bottom surface so that the last little bit may be drilled slowly to reduce chipping of the glass. This is extremely important when drilling mirrors. Variable speed adjustment allows for use with most Tube Drills (Brass, Steel or Diamond Types) along with Spearpoint Drills. Our Prismatic Carbide Tipped Drills can only be used at a reduced speed. The CRL2 comes complete with a chuck key and 8' (2.4 m) power cord.